Why You Should Work with a Woman Business Coach?

…because we cannot see beyond who we are.  The coach can.


It is common to hear entrepreneurs lament, “this expense is unreasonable for a session with a Coach! Is coaching really worth it for us to do better in business?”  Most are more than happy to follow social media postings where authenticity is unknown and make decisions based on assumptions of what is understood.


Yet, even the greatest sportsmen who are paid millions of dollars have coaches to catch their blind spots.  It’s not about how more successful or smarter the coach is in the areas of your expertise, but how skilled a coach is at helping you hone your skills, narrow your gaps and peel layers of your fears.


So, before we decide to think about the purported expensive fees charged to attend women’s entrepreneurship program is unreasonable, perhaps try to understand who the coaches are and the benefits we will get as an entrepreneur if trained by an experienced and well-versed coach.

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Who is a Business Coach?

A coach is defined as those who work with others by tapping into the hidden consciousness and bring brilliance forth so individuals can become more in congruent and proficient or well-versed in things they want to succeed in.

Coaches are professionals with personal skillsets and experiences who decided to add on another hat that aims to support, educate, train, and motivate their clients.

They are equally trained in the art of language, questioning, psychology and a myriad of sciences to make them the specialist that they are.

Because entrepreneurs wear multiple hats and shoulder various responsibilities, it is likely that entrepreneurs need different coaches for different purposes.

One hat is leadership.  Not every businessman is a leader and not all leaders are businessmen. Yet entrepreneurs need to hone leadership skills to hold attention, build trust and relationships to secure and generate a profit while minimizing loss on a daily basis. 

The COVID-19 pandemic left a big impact across sectors that not only left many businesses in bankruptcy but exposed the true value of leadership in running a sustainable business.

A coach , whether the focus is in life, business, financial and etc, would step in to stabilize what is seemingly chaos.  The key to coaching is instilling principles that works 360 and valid at every level, phase, nooks and corner of our lives.  It creates a steady root for individuals to return when all else fail.

They help entrepreneurs create structures in their lives because business is discipline. As women entrepreneurs, it is likely we see women business coaches.

Generally, women are better at understanding each other and feel more at ease to self-disclose and indulge in more intimate information.

There are womanly elements such as family, culture confinements, self-confidence and  many other nitty gritty details that make us more complicated than men.

Data shows that only 43.4% of women entrepreneurs have high self-confidence when starting a business compared to men and that is only one example suggesting that women coaches are preferred.

Still, having cold feet?

Onto the next point!

Why a Business Coach?

Here comes the real deal.

Now, let’s talk about impact because everything is about managing expectations and creating the outcome we desire.  What do entrepreneurs desire? 


And that’s the bare minimum. 

The bigger goal would be to maximize profits, generating a multiple-digit income each month.  Is that it?  Not at all…because there is more to making money.  There is always a higher purpose.  Everybody wants to leave a legacy.

Where does a coach play her role in this grand mastery of yours?

Data shows 87% of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) continue to operate after one year if they have a Coach. But 75% of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) vanishes because they opted against coaching.

Yeap, that should be the sign you are looking for.

Having 75% of businesses fail is not a small number.

This means, in every 1000 businesses, 750 cannot make it to their second year. Consider yourself lucky if you can pass through this mark.

Reason: The entrepreneurship world is brutal. It’s a dogfight across industries. When it is dominated by men, the competition gets intense. 

It’s not sexism, it’s realism.  Facts don’t lie.

Now, here comes the big question of WHY do we need coaches.

The Paradigm Shift

1. Clarity

As women entrepreneurs, we need to see ourselves apart from just being mothers, daughters, and women looking for a livelihood to survive.

We especially need to remove the stigma that women work to support the economy of the family and to ease the burden of the breadwinner. We need to see ourselves beyond the societal expectations and start viewing ourselves as a leader, a CEO.

Michael Dell, CEO of the Dell company, once said, “You don’t need to be a genius or a visionary, or even a college graduate for that matter, to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream.” 

Are you ready to create the framework of your business dream by enrolling into coaching and women entrepreneurial programs?


2. Accountability

In a world full of unique challenges and attractions, it may not be the most ideal platform for women entrepreneurs to stay on track.  With the many hats we wear, this is again, a powerful reality that we juggle. 

Perhaps, we need to face situations like the recent hiking of raw materials costs. Or personal issues with your sick child at home. Or other unforeseen situations. COVID-19 pandemic is a good example of situations we couldn’t control.

Many women were seen stepping up and holding more than the hats they ordinarily wear. The miracle is that we thrived…but not without its shortcomings.

And this is where coaches are important to keep us on track, align our objectives and maintain our stability.  When we panic, we cannot see through the muck on our windshield.

The coach will guide you to flick the wiper switch on and assist us in finding solutions to our business problems.


3. Help to think visionary, not reactionary

The word reactionary is self-explanatory. A study conducted by a group of researchers at the University of Montreal, Canada, high feminine traits make us more sensitive to our surroundings.

Women are more likely to succumb to emotions and become too focused on feelings.  Emotions produces drama and women tend to react with the heart and do the rationalising later.


Men on the other hand take time to understand situations before responding to the issues. 


It is not that the heart is weak, but it needs management because women can think (like men) too.  Imagine the power that comes with the ability to use both the heart and the head when responding to situations.


Coaching often digs deep into our past, present and hope for the future and knit them all neatly into your dream.  It’s often known as designing your life.  This is often where a coach comes in handy to get our heads back in the game, when we trail off.


There are countless other benefits when we are coached by a real, professional Coach. So, what are you waiting for?

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